Donate for our children

In the normal lives of families with steady and adequate incomes, parents go to work every day and children are left to play with friends and go to school. However, such is not the case with millions of child labourers who daily find themselves working long hours under harsh, dangerous and exploitative conditions.

Globally the majority of child labourers come from the poorer sections of society. Social exclusion and discrimination, a result of poverty and ethnic and gender biases, are important factors that keep children out of school and force them to work.

Ending poverty and increasing access to education are therefore crucial tools in the fight against ending child labour.

You can make a difference today; give what you can to those that need it the most - every bit helps!

All funds donated to Helpline will be used to help the poorest of the poor.

Let's join hands and support needy children – the future of any nation.

Bank Details -
A/C Name - Helpline
A/c No - 20063968752
Bank Name - Bank of Maharashtra
Branch - Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.
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