Home Branch: Adarsh Nagar
Helpline Education Home
Adarsh Nagar,
Opposite Naranpura Main Police Station,
Pragatinagar Road,
Ahmedabad -380013.

Started in the year 2000, Helpline Education Home, a NGO in Ahmedabad with the idea to educate and provide a respectful life to the children residing in slum areas free of cost.

The vision of Helpline is to convince and inspire street children and their parents for education and henceforth a better future. The school commences at 8 am with a hearty prayer to the almighty. At present, we have 50 students at home branch attending full day school from 8 am to 5 pm. The schedule comprises of studies, lunch, snacks and activities such as Dance, Drawing, Craft, Music, Computer and Skating. All students are treated equally without any bias regarding caste and creed.

Students are always welcomed to explore themselves and are given full freedom to express their thoughts and ideas. This increases self confidence in them thus helping them to develop their personality and etiquettes.

The vision of this project is to take each and every kid to 10th Standard and get them admitted in the Diploma / Degree courses as per their skills and interest.

After the graduation our motto will be to help them find employment and thereby a respectful life ahead.

The school schedule at Adarsh Nagar Branch is as mentioned below:

Time Activity
8am to 12pm Subject Coaching
12pm to 1pm Lunch Break
1pm to 3pm Subject Coaching
3pm to 3:30pm Snacks Break
3:30pm to 5:00pm Extra Curricular Activities such as Dance, Music, Drawing, Skating, Craft and Computer.

Hostel Project:

Our Hostel is located in Pragatinagar area. At present, we have 10 students staying here. Our hostel provides them all facilities including nutritious food, spacious rooms, peaceful place to study, 24 hours water and electricity supply.

A care taker is appointed to look after the needs of the boys staying there. Students are made habituated to clean their own utensils, clothes as well as maintain hygiene in the surroundings. All activities are scheduled starting with Morning Prayer including leisure time and other activities such as sports, dance, and music to refresh their minds.

All students live peacefully irrespective of any barrier of caste or religion. Here, we in built social values in every student to help each other during difficulty and stay united rather fighting with one another.

As we all know, education is the tool through which we can change the directions of an individual and help him to live a respectful prestigious life, this Hostel is developed in order to take the child out of poverty and help him to make his future bright.

With education, we will also assist these students to find better employment opportunities as well as provide them necessary training for different phases of life so that they can easily face the challenges in life.

Once the students are settled and they get good jobs then we will also help them to find their soul-mates eventually facilitate their marriage.

Helpline Youth Club

We see that today’s youth has started taking interest in social work. To make a team of young volunteers who wish to join their hands in progress of Helpline Education Home and make necessary efforts to fulfill its mission, Help Line Youth club was started by Helpline Trust in the year 2009.

Youngsters above the age of 18 can join us in this noble task and carry out necessary efforts to accomplish various social activities.

As the team increases so will the contribution by all sides i.e. physically, economically and mentally thus resulting into maximum strength which can be used to shape the future of these children in a better way.

Mr. Mahesh Desai Mrs. Mala Shah
Phone: +91 98987 65253 Phone: +91 99244 03366
Email: info@helplinetrust.org.in Website: www.helplinetrust.org.in
Postal and Correspondence Address:
Mahesh Desai,
33/220, Vandana Apartment,
Ankur Cross Roads,
Ahmedabad – 380013,Gujarat,India.