Project Vision

The goal of the project is to reach as many disadvantaged and underprivileged children as possible and give them a way to begin to emerge from the grip of poverty.
The Key activities will be education, support, guidance and mentorship, although nutrition and basic health needs will also be covered within the project scope.
Every child will have its own level of success and as such the project will adapt to each child’s needs and abilities. Those children who are not suited to conventional learning will be encouraged and supported in learning a trade or skill which will enable them to find secure employment. In each case, guidance will be given in whatever capacity needed to establish a better future for the child.
Phase I - School (Click Here)
1st to 4th Standard
Children range from 3-12 years

At present, Helpline Trust reaches out to a small percentage of the children of Adarsh Nagar. With appropriate funding and support it is the vision of Helpline Trust to expand to at least two schools within Adarsh Nagar, teaching as many as 200 students. With expansion, the classes would be able to be split and more appropriate lessons can be given to each age group instead of everyone being in the same space.

The Primary Objectives of the school can be summarised as follows:
  1. Basic Education  - The provision of a broad value based education to the children of the poor communities within Ahmedabad
  2. Provision of Clothing – The provision of clothing and an appropriate sense of hygiene to be instilled into the children
  3. Food/ Nutrition – To improve the general health and nutrition of children of these communities by providing at least one full meal per day along with snacks.
Phase II - Hostel Facilities and Education (Click Here)
4th to 12th standard

The existing hostel has the capacity to comfortably hold 25 boys and give them a chance to grow and learn within a controlled and safe environment. It is open for any promising male child from the age group of 5 to 7 years who is eager to be educated. The vision of Helpline Trust is to provide these children with everything they need as they grow and give them every opportunity to develop to their full potential.

The Primary Objectives of the hostel can be summarised as follows:

  1. Complete  Education  - A complete and comprehensive education to those boys who have willingness and ability to learn.
  2. Living Facilities – Complete living facilities including housing, clothing, 24 hour care and supervision
  3. Food/ Nutrition – Healthy nutritious meals and snacks to ensure the health and long term well being of the students
  4. Mentorship – Long term and wide ranging support to help the child through each stage of his schooling life. Providing not only educational support, but life and interpersonal support for their growth as human beings
Phase III - College Education/Vocational Training and Employment (Click Here)
College and Beyond

Giving children an education and general grounding in life is important, but the responsibility of Helpline Trust does not stop at graduation from school. Helpline sees the cycle of the program as 20 – 25 years, taking the child from infancy to marriage. The need to continue to assist the child as he grows and becomes a part of the wider society is recognized as extremely important.
Helpline Trust’s vision is to follow the child through college and beyond in order to help find work and establish roots within the wider community. Further than this, as the vision is completely rounded, the trust can also assist the child in finding a life partner and continuing on the path to build a strong and more educated future for the next generation
. The long term vision is a complete mentorship of each child who passes through the program, offering a real chance to bring change and improvement to the lives of the poor from within.