Sourcing Manager,
V-TAC Exports,
Shenzhen, China.

Being associated with HELPLINE for more than 6 years now, I can just say I am still learning... from the kids I play with, from the kids I work with. It’s been an amazing journey throughout.

HELPLINE introduced me to a whole new world, a world where I learnt what true happiness meant. Children living in harsh conditions, but never once did they fail to smile when they saw us. They taught me never to curse any situation and that things could have been worse. I will never ever forget those genuine smiles. I heartily thank HELPLINE for giving me an experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to touch many hearts. I will always be obliged.
Associate Softwere Engineer,
Tata Consultancy Services,
Yantra Park-Mumbai.

It started with a visit with one of my friends and I was highly inspired by the one man show doing selfless work. Due to lack of time, I initially could not get started. But, once I joined it, it was impossible, not to spare time for the Helpline kids. Today, even though I don’t have time to devote myself fully to this NGO’s efforts, I definitely have a strong will and immense dedication to do something for the betterment of society. I have been associated with Helpline for 4 years now and am totally enjoying the work. More than just an NGO, it has become a family to me.
Asst. Manager,
Idea Cellular Ltd,

August’08, on my birthday, I thought of doing something special and something which I have not done before. I decided to help or visit any institute or organization which helps the needy. Fortunately, with the help of few friends I got the address of a place where I happen to meet Mr. Mahesh Desai, a person who has dedicated his life to educate the slum children.

That was the day I met some slum kids and the sparkle in their eyes, inspired me. The challenge today is not only convincing and educating these children but also to make them capable enough to face the outer world. With this intention in hearts of all the volunteers including myself we make sure that along with education, they are taught more about the life and also take care that they are kept in good and hygienic surroundings.

Today I am an active member to this small our own made school. This small act of random kindness gives me peace and satisfaction.

Interior Designer
1st November 2009, the day I first visited the school and met the director, Mr. Mahesh Desai. His dedication for the development of school and children is remarkable. After meeting him, my attitude towards life changed or rather I would say I realized the real meaning of life.

When I took the first class of drawing in the school, I realized that these children are far behind from the real world & it is a very challenging task to make them visualize, the small things that we sometimes don't value. These kids find happiness in every small thing happening around them. Their innocent smiles and the way they treat us, makes me feel very happy.

I feel lucky that I got an opportunity to spend time with these kids and be a part of their lives and also came to know many people who along with Mr. Mahesh Desai have actively work for the development of school and children.
Associate Softwere Engineer,

As name suggests, “Helpline Education Home”, it’s not the school, but a “Home” where people work as a family.

Janmashtami’09, my first visit to this place and I happen to meet Mr. Mahesh Desai who has dedicated his life for a noble cause. That visit made me speechless. I saw slum children enjoying the festival happily. Their smiles, their dancing, I still remembered all those things. Everyone had a smile on their faces, teachers, volunteers, staff members – all of them. That was the time when I realized that I have done nothing.

Mr. Mahesh Desai is really doing something great for slum children. He understands the real meaning of education tries to impart the same to children. Now days, whenever I’m free, I come and spend time with these children. I love to visit this place & will try my level best to help these children in any possible way. It gives me huge satisfaction & I can feel that smile.
Janmashtami'10, my first visit to Helpline Education Home, and it was a life changing experience. Those smiles, the random dance steps, the cute little Radha - Krishna, all this and much more made a profound impression on me and I realized that I was far away from the cruel reality of the world. I realized that I was blessed and could definitely use my skills for development of the little kids. This is when I took a firm decision to spend my free time here.

I have been associated with Helpline for almost 2 year now, but my whole perception towards life has changed. It is Helpline that has greatly helped me in becoming a better human being. I feel lucky to be a part of this lovely institution where I am not just a member, but a family member. I have evolved as a personality and have gained immense personal satisfaction. Thanks to Helpline Education Home.
Associate Softwere Engineer,
Tata Consultancy Services,
Yantra Park-Mumbai.

I came to Helpline on occasion of Janmashtami festival in 2010. It was a great feeling post that. That is when I decided to give a small part of my life for Helpline and children that made me change my attitude towards life. I am working with Helpline 2 year now and it’s a life time experience helpling the needy children.

It took just one visit for me to get attracted to Helpline Education Home. I came here 3 years back for a festival celebration but gradually became a part of it. It is a family in true sense & Mahesh sir is really like a father for children including the volunteers. He cares for each & every child and all volunteers try their level best to give as much contribution as possible to this noble cause.

Spending time with the kids is like giving chance to a flower to blossom. We try to give them best education and also prepare them to face the world outside. Nothing can give me such happiness & peace that I get when I’m here. I feel really blessed to be a part of the helpline family & hope this journey will go on to the path of success.


P c oil mills,
Saumya's wet brush,
Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.
Helpline has always been wonderful place where we could apply our goodness and ideas with wonderful support of Mahesh Sir. We are connected with Helpline since December 2007. In the beginning when we taught kids, we realized how tough it would have been for Mahesh sir to grow seeds of culture in a child deprived of the exposure to the world outside. We all try together to give these kids the opportunity to grow in the environment like any other normal kid gets.
Even after facing so many issues throughout the progress of Helpline, his love for the future of kids is flawless. Mahesh sir has given a beautiful gift to the society by inventing this trust.
I am with helpline since 1 year. Saumil showed me this place for the first time and I was very happy after going there. I work over there because the peace and happiness you get after working for and with GOD"S ANGELS(KIDS) is priceless, no money can buy that happiness. Now not writing much i would like to conclude by appealing you to give your support for a noble cause.
Krupali Khambhatwala
Associate Softwere Engineer,

Only one visit was enough for me to get attached with this organization.Observing hard work and dedication of Mahesh sir and many of my friends,it also inspired me to do something special for little kids who are future of our society.I want to give my best to the organization. We used to enjoy many festivals with children that gives us immense happiness.The way of celebrating festivals is changed now. I feel proud to be a part of "Helpline education Home".
Automation Engineer,
Infostretch Solution PVT. LTD.,

The only thought that attracts me to be a part of Helpline Education Home is: "In the post-independent India for decades, the youth wanted a white-collar job after completing education. Students have lived in isolation. There are many illiterate and ignorant people. The youths have not done anything to help them. Students in colleges and universities did not look at the illiterate with a cheerful smile. In fact, they threw a smile of scorn in their faces. Conditions have thoroughly changed in the present context. Freedom for our country has resulted in the youth's consciousness of responsibility towards the millions of illiterates. If we do not serve our fellow citizens, our education will be useless. India is a nation of villages. The youths, especially students, can do a lot of service to the nation by serving these villages. Literacy is the most important need of the present times, if the government does not implement mass education, our democracy will be at stake. This attitude will bring a change in the minds of the students...”
I still remember the first day when I visited to school with my mom.It was most memorable day of my life. Mahesh sir told me to teach dance to students and I become dance teacher from that day. I feel so good when I am with students or I can say with my kids. They give me so respect. Mahesh sir gives me so familliar weather at school. Now I proudly can say I am part of Helplile. I do lots of masti with them.Every time when I visit to school, I always learn something from the kids. They have good talent. Thank you God and Mahesh sir fo giving me this apportunity.
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